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Getting Along in Bryant Falls

Mayor Chester Norwick and the Bryant Falls Chamber of Commerce welcome you to our little mountain hideaway. Come see our picturesque waterfall, or sample the local delights. Even if you're just passing through town you're likely to see Fleurety's Full Service station, a popular meeting place and garage—keep them in mind in case of emergency. If you're in town, Pioneer Park is a lovely little meeting place near City Hall; why not grab a coffee from Love the Bean and sit a spell?

Or if you're going to be in town a while, drop your bags off at our premier resort Big Vista Manor, which combines the area's rustic authenticity with modern convenience and luxury. Either visit Mammoth Mart for national brands or Vicci's Shop-Best for high-quality local goods and produce.

Whatever your taste, we're sure going to love it here.

Or, screw the marketing hype.

A town of 3600 people is not going to be a hotbed of cultural growth. Witness the "success" of Pageturners, a crappy little bookshop on Pioneer Square. (How they stay in business, nobody knows.) Or Shoot 'n Suds , the bar and pool hall. And the guy that owns what is now Vicci's Shop-Best is a pretty big sleaze, once you get to know him.

Yeah, there are some kinda nice places like Venus di Italia restaurant, and The Oaken Barrel has some fancy drinks (as long as you take your liquor straight). And Flo at Flo's Diner (the eat-and-meet establishment dancing cheek-by-jowl with Fleurety's Full Service) is a stand-up gal, moreso than the Fleuretys.

I guess, what I'm saying is don't expect too much from this place.

Categories of Places

Rather than dump everything into the main page here, I'm breaking the list of places down by category. If there's a specific place you're looking for, check the appropriate category first.

  • Food and Drink — restaurants, bars, fast food, carry-outs
  • Grocery — lettuce, rice, dishwashing liquid, dog food
  • Municipal — executive, judicial, education, law enforcement
  • Recreation — entertainment and probably some other stuff
  • Services — accomodations, fuel, car repair

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