Roy McNamara

Teacher minus job plus drinking problem

  • Science
  • Outdoor Survival
  • Medicine
  • Bullshit Detector
  • Research

/ Protective of youngsters
/ Alcoholic
/ Strongly disliked by Mayor Norwick, Sheriff Denby, and High School Principal Gossamer
/ advocating new, creative teaching methods and peer learning projects

/ Friends: “Jack Daniels”, Lucy Gosselin (bartender, Oaken Barrel), Lydia Tesler (school librarian)


Roy McNamara has been born and raised in Bryant Falls, but after studying in Bozeman his first teaching jobs have led him as far as Denver, Colorado, and Chicago, Illinois. He came back to Bryant Falls with big ideas to revolutionize teaching in High School.

School Principal Gossamer had to put him in line and reassert his authority in school, but since McNamara accepted the rebuke and toned it down, they got along mostly okay.

Then one day there was a meeting between McNamara, principal Gossamer, Sheriff Denby, and Mayor Norwick. Nobody knows exactly what happened, but Roy McNamaras quit his post as teacher, and the other three do not discuss the subject. Probably unrelated, about the same time the Mayor dropped his daughter Joy Norwick out of Bryant Falls High and sent her away to a private boarding school somewhere in Canada.

Roy’s mother died in a car accident when he was still a teen. His father drowned his sorrow in alcohol. Roy nevertheless became a friend of stiff drinks himself when he went to College. During his absence, his father became a hard drinker and got run over by a car when he was heavily inebriated.

Roy didn’t have any alcohol-related troubles, abstaining from driving when drunk and never showing up impaired at school. However, since he lost his job and failed to acquire a new position immediately, he drinks more.

Roy McNamara

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