Kamaria Tir

Witty Dancer with a Troubled Past

  • Dancer and Artist.
  • Snarky and witty.
  • A bit of a jokester.
  • Known for using fire in her work.
  • Protects the weaker at cost to herself.

Her support system involves her older brother Zarek, and her mentor and fellow artist Monica.


Kamaria is a successful artist and dancer in the town of Bryant Falls, known for her work with fire. She’s known as passionate, kind, and very intelligent. Children tend to like her because she doesn’t talk down to them and she listens to their problems.

It is known by a lot of people that the Tir household burned down when Kamaria was about 14 years old. The tragedy took their father, leaving Zarek, who was 19 at the time, to care for Kamaria. The fire was ruled as an accident. The father fell asleep and accidentally knocked a candle over. Only Zarek and Kamaria know the truth though. She was the one who pushed the candle over next to their passed out father.

She is a child of abuse, and so her goal is to open up a studio meant to cater to children who come from difficult homes. She wants to give the children an outlet to get out their anger and sorrow so they won’t do things the way she did.

Kamaria Tir

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