Welcome to Bryant Falls!

Bryant Falls is a quaint little (fictitious) town of 3600 people in Montana, on Rt. 236 north of the Missouri River. It's got pastoral farmlands, a community center, a few motels for passers-through, a few fast-food places, and two supermarkets, and a little plot of waterfall that some folks are trying to get recognized as a park.

Why, the only things about Bryant Falls that aren't kind of small are the scenery (breathtakingly vast) and certain questions about the town's history (bowel-evacuatingly disturbing) that nobody's thought to ask.


The setting (Bryant Falls, MT) is an original one, and by the time it's done, it should be not just fully fleshed out but stripped to the bone.

We're running this in the Gumshoe system, using the Fear Itself rules. And while Fear Itself is technically a horror game, the supernatural elements will be introduced slowly. There are enough human monsters out there to work with. Trust me, though, things will get weird.

Furthermore, this page is a parallel to the Google Community The Bryant Falls Mysteries, which is where we're sticking a lot of in- and out-of-character conversation. These pages are more for the storing of information on the various NPCs and what's known about them. (And I have a lot, it turns out.)

The Bryant Falls Mysteries

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